Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Starting Blogging Anew

Times before tried to blog and have found that I am easily distracted.  I have formed a new goal in my life however, to write a book.  As I started upon this endeavor however, I found my writing skills suck, inhibiting my ability to write a decent book.  Therefore I am recommitting myself to practice writing, primarily through blogging, to sharpen my skill set.  I love religious philosophy, and so that is what I will write on.

What I find of most value and clarity I will post here.  If I write something that needs to be thought out a bit more I will post it to religiousrampages.blogspot.com, to keep what I post here of higher value.

I doubt many will read what I have to say here.  But it is my hope that through practice I will one day be able to share with the world the sublime truths, the dews of heaven, that God has distilled on my soul.

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